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    commercialInterbrand Wood

    Based at 379 West Broadway Wood Worldwide joined the Interbrand group, and changed its name to Interbrand Wood Healthcare. The Soho location was designed by David Howell and then consequently expanded 4 years later.

    In 1979, David Wood established Interbrand North America, the first healthcare- specific branding consultancy. Wood was an extraordinary man, whose colleagues and friends have described as “innovator,” “pioneer,” “archetypal Renaissance Man” and “renowned developer in the business of branding.” In the course of his career, Wood would help define 40 of the 100 top-selling prescription brands, including Zocor, Prozac, Viagra, Pegasys, Plavix, Advair, Enbrel, Nexium, Diovan, Singular, Herception and Celebrex.

    In a tribute to Wood, who passed away in November 2007, Michael Birkin, vice chairman of Omnicom Group wrote: “He was the visionary behind a company dedicated to increasing the role of branding in one of the most highly regulated global industries. David, as much as anyone, educated the pharmaceutical industry as to the need to capture, through the development of a strong brand, long term sustainable value from the increasing amounts being spent to promote new drugs. In an industry which had traditionally seen patents as the only form of intellectual property worth having, this was revolutionary.”

    Architect: David Howell