Union Square is the gateway to downtown. It’s about as close as this city gets to a European piazza.
  • new york / dhd headquarters
    200 park avenue south
    suite 1518, ny ny 10003
    T: 212 477 7700
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    new york / interiors division
    200 park avenue south
    suite 1617, ny ny 10003
    T: 212 477 7700

    1208 california avenue
    suite b, santa monica ca 90403
    T: 310-948-5597

  • DHD is located in the heart of Union Square. Click here for directions.
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  • Union Square is noted for its impressive equestrian statue of U.S. President George Washington, modeled by Henry Kirke Brown and unveiled in 1856, the first public sculpture erected in New York City since the equestrian statue of U.K. George III in 1770 and the first American equestrian sculpture cast in bronze. Other statues in the park include the Marquis de Lafayette, modeled by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi and dedicated at the Centennial, July 4, 1876, Abraham Lincoln, modeled by Henry Kirke Brown (1870), and the James Fountain (1881), a Temperance fountain with the figure of Charity who empties her jug of water, aided by a child; it was donated by Daniel Willis James and sculpted by Adolf Donndorf. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the southwest corner of the park was added in 1986. From 1968-1984 it was the location of Andy Warhols’s Factory, where he and his collaborators, reinvented the conventional artist’s studio, producing silkscreen paintings, films, music, books, and more.

    Inspired by Warhol’s art and life, Rob Pruitt created The Andy Warhol Monument was created and resides outside his “Factory”