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  • residentialCasa San Miguel de Allende

    The 10,000 square foot courtyard house is situated on a plateau that served as a pilgrimage site for the indigenous people in the area of central Mexico. Using traditional construction technologies, this modern retreat is an updated Hacienda with a hot-spring fed swimming pool. All work was done with locally available materials and local artisans. This retreat is an elemental experience that all play host to architectural design and combine to soothe senses embattled by technology and is an intensely serene reinvention of traditional Mexican hacienda architecture, borne out of Middle Eastern courtyard via Spain.

    Architect: David Howell in collaboration with owner, John Houshmand
    Project Designer: Steffani Aarons
    Local Project supervisor: Patsy Dubois /
    Photography by David Joseph

    Featured Press:
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