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  • residentialTribeca Loft

    For this Tribeca apartment, the first action was to reclaim some classic loft elements that had been obscured. Exterior brick was exposed and the grand height was accentuated. A key component was a generously large kitchen for the chef owner. Additionally, the master bathroom was pulled from the small-scale interior of the apartment into the prime space with high ceilings. With small windows in the massive brick façade, natural light was limited. New lighting throughout helps supplement the limited daytime sun while creating a warm inviting setting at night. 1853 Sugar Refining Warehouse, the warehouse-turned-Tribeca loft in NYC, has undergone extensive renovation in the past few years. Renovating the space was a difficult task because of the building’s unique layout and landmark status. The interiors were designed by Steffani Aarons in close collaboration with our client.

    Architect: Ben Fuqua
    Interior Designer: Steffani Aarons
    Photography by: Andrea Brizzi
    Photography by: Brooke McGowan
    General Contractor: Living Space Design