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  • residentialUpper East Side Townhouse

    Our client purchased a narrow townhouse, previously owned by Diandra Douglas of the famed Hollywood family, and we made modest interior alterations to the structure and collaborated with the owners on the decorative elements. Some of the furnishings came from their native country, Sweden.

    Located on the Upper East Side, this neighborhood was once known as the Silk Stocking District it is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in New York City. Before the Park Avenue railroad cut was covered and finished in 1910, fashionable New Yorkers shunned the smoky railroad trench up Fourth Avenue (now Park Avenue), to build stylish mansions and townhouses on the large lots along Fifth Avenue, facing Central Park, and on the adjacent side streets. The latest arrivals were the rich Pittsburghers Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick. The classic phase of Gilded Age Fifth Avenue as a stretch of private mansions was not long-lasting: the first apartment house to replace a private mansion on upper Fifth Avenue was 907 Fifth Avenue (1916), at 72nd Street, the neighborhood’s grand carriage entrance to Central Park.

    Architect: David Howell
    Photography by Jeffrey Kilmer